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The primary objective of an is to bring about positive change, advocate for social justice, and work towards the betterment of society.

A non-governmental organization.

NGOs are typically non-profit organizations, meaning they do not seek to make a profit from their activities. Instead, they reinvest any surplus funds.

Non-profit nature.

NGOs typically rely on volunteers, supporters, and donors to contribute their time, skills, and resources to further their causes.

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At our NGO, we believe in the power of collective action to create lasting change. Our team is made up of passionate and dedicated individuals, each working towards a common goal: to improve the lives of those in need.Together, our team brings a diverse range of skills, experiences, and perspectives to our work. Whether it's supporting disaster relief efforts or running education programs, we are committed to making a lasting impact in the communities we serve.We are proud to work alongside

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Recently asked questions

Our organization provides support and services to individuals and communities in need. We work on various issues, including education, health, poverty, human rights, and environmental sustainability.

What is an NGO?

An NGO, or non-governmental organization, is a non-profit organization that operates independently of any government and pursues social, cultural, environmental, or humanitarian goals.

What types of NGOs are there?

There are many different types of NGOs, including advocacy NGOs, development NGOs, humanitarian NGOs, environmental NGOs, and health NGOs, among others.

How are NGOs funded?

NGOs can be funded in a variety of ways, including through donations from individuals and corporations, grants from foundations and government agencies, and income generated from their own programs and services.

What is the difference between an NGO and a non-profit organization?

While the terms NGO and non-profit organization are often used interchangeably, an NGO typically focuses on international development and humanitarian work, while a non-profit organization can encompass a wider range of activities, including arts and culture, education, and social services.

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